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Mandy Spooner: That Eco Warrior

In our quest for sustainable living, we’ve encountered remarkable figures who embody our ethos. Among them, Mandy Spooner shines as a guiding light toward eco-conscious living. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Mandy isn’t just an artisan – she’s a catalyst for change, offering invaluable insights through eco-conscious living consults and workshops.

Mandy’s expertise extends beyond crafting goods; she’s dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to embrace sustainable practices in every aspect of their lives. Through her consults and workshops, she shares practical strategies and actionable steps for reducing waste, minimising environmental impact, and embracing a more mindful lifestyle.

At Alsahwa Farm, we’re inspired by Mandy’s collaborative spirit and her partnerships with leading eco-conscious brands such as Go for Zero, Pleasant State, and The Swag. Together, we can form a community of like-minded eco-warriors, striving for sustainable alternatives and fostering positive change on both local and global scales.

Mandy Spooner isn’t just a name – she’s a catalyst for a greener, more sustainable future. With her guidance and expertise, we’re not just making small changes – we’re sparking a revolution in how we live, one eco-conscious decision at a time.

Film We Love – 2040

In our journey towards a sustainable future, inspiration can come from unexpected places. For us at Alsahwa Farm, one such source of inspiration is the thought-provoking documentary “2040”. Directed by Damon Gameau, this film isn’t just a documentary – it’s a beacon of hope, offering a compelling vision of what our world could look like in 2040 if we embrace sustainable solutions today.

“2040” transcends the typical doomsday narrative often associated with environmental documentaries. Instead, it presents a refreshing perspective, focusing on innovative solutions and positive outcomes. From renewable energy to regenerative agriculture, the film explores a range of technologies and practices that have the potential to transform our world for the better.

What resonates most with us at Alsahwa Farm is the film’s emphasis on the power of collective action. “2040” reminds us that the solutions to our environmental challenges are within reach – but only if we work together. Whether it’s advocating for policy change, supporting sustainable businesses, or making small changes in our daily lives, each of us has a role to play in shaping a more sustainable future.

At Alsahwa Farm, we’re inspired by the message of “2040” because it aligns with our core values and mission. Like the film, we believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to create positive change. From our eco-conscious farming practices to our commitment to bringing people together as a community, local communities, we’re dedicated to building a more sustainable world for future generations.

Local Farms we love – : EastWell Farm, Bamboo Park, Changing Habits

Nestled within the serene landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, there are so many remarkable farms, each weaving a unique tapestry of sustainability, community and regeneration. Eastwell Farm and their team implement regenerative farming techniques to enhance soil health and biodiversity. Their practices include crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal tillage, all aimed at fostering a balanced ecosystem. The farm specialises in a diverse range of produce, from seasonal vegetables to free-range eggs, reflecting their dedication to organic farming principles. Visitors to EastWell Farm can engage in educational workshops on regenerative agriculture and sustainable living practices, furthering the farm’s mission to inspire environmental stewardship within the community. At Alsahwa Farm, we resonate with EastWell Farm’s holistic approach to farming and their commitment to nurturing both the land and the local community.

Transitioning from the rolling fields of EastWell Farm, we arrive at Bamboo Park Farm, where the regenerative power of bamboo takes centre stage. Edward and Julia, the stewards of the land, have converted former sugar cane fields into a thriving bamboo forest, utilising bamboo’s rapid growth and regenerative properties to restore the soil and ecosystem. The farm boasts over 20 varieties of clumping bamboo, along with an array of tropical plants and fruit trees. Visitors can explore the Bamboo House, a sustainable structure constructed from bamboo and eco-friendly materials, showcasing innovative design and environmental consciousness.

Bamboo Park Farm offers educational tours and workshops on bamboo cultivation and sustainable living, inviting individuals to discover the potential of bamboo as a renewable resource. At Alsahwa Farm, we admire Bamboo Park Farm’s innovative approach to land regeneration and their dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices.

Continuing our journey through the agricultural landscape of the Sunshine Coast, we find ourselves at Changing Habits Farm, a sanctuary of health and wellness nestled amidst the picturesque countryside, where Cyndi and her team are dedicated to providing clean, ethically sourced foods for nourishing both the body and the planet. The farm produces a diverse range of whole foods, including organic fruits, vegetables, and pasture-raised meats, all cultivated using sustainable farming methods.

Changing Habits Farm is not just a farm but a holistic wellness destination, offering educational programs and resources to empower individuals to take charge of their health through informed dietary choices. Visitors can participate in farm-to-table experiences, where they learn about the importance of nutrient-dense foods and sustainable farming practices. At Alsahwa Farm, we align with

Changing Habits Farm’s vision of promoting health and wellness through access to wholesome foods and education, recognising the profound impact of food choices on personal and planetary well-being.
In the tapestry of sustainable agriculture, each farm on the Sunshine Coast adds its own vibrant thread, weaving a narrative of hope and possibility. From the verdant pastures of EastWell Farm to the tranquil bamboo sanctuaries of Bamboo Park Farm and the holistic haven of Changing Habits, these farms exemplify the boundless potential of sustainable living. Together, they serve as guiding lights in an era of environmental consciousness, illuminating the path towards a harmonious relationship between humanity and the soil.

Brand we love – Gentle Habits: A Connection to Mindful Living

At Alsahwa Farm, we have a deep appreciation for brands that not only offer exceptional products but also align with our core values. Gentle Habits is one such brand that we wholeheartedly love and endorse. Founded by Sophie, Gentle Habits resonates with us on a profound level because of its ethos centred around mindful living and self-care.

Gentle Habits’ journey began with Sophie’s personal quest for moments of peace and presence amidst the chaos of daily life. This resonates with us deeply because, like Sophie, we understand the importance of finding balance and tranquillity in our busy lives. We admire how Gentle Habits has translated this journey into a brand that promotes mindfulness and self-discovery.

What sets Gentle Habits apart is its commitment to crafting products that not only nourish the body but also nurture the soul. From their carefully curated incense to their luxurious body oils, each item is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and intentionality. We love Gentle Habits because their products are more than just commodities – they’re tools for cultivating moments of stillness, joy, and self-care.
Furthermore, Gentle Habits’ ethos of embracing the beauty of nature and grounding oneself in the present moment deeply resonates with us at Alsahwa Farm. We believe in the importance of reconnecting with the natural world and finding solace in its rhythms. Gentle Habits’ products serve as reminders to slow down, breathe, and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.