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Our Ambassadors

Charlie Arnott

We are thrilled to have Charlie Arnott on board as Alsahwa Farms first ambassador.

An award-winning 8th Australian generational farmer, educator and advocate for regenerative farming and wellness practices, Charlie Arnott is a trailblazer in biodynamic farming. His innovative approach emphasises the interconnectedness of soil, plants, animals, and humans, revolutionising modern farming practices. Inspired by Arnott’s unwavering dedication and his ability as a visionary leader to empower farmers worldwide to cultivate abundance while preserving our planet’s delicate ecosystem, Alsahwa Farm recently announced Arnott as their first ambassador.. Through his holistic approach, he not only achieves bountiful harvests but also fosters harmony between agriculture and nature, ushering in a transformative paradigm shift and an opportunity for many people to observe and learn.

“People who are buying food want to know its nutritional value, they want to know where it’s from and Jo has an opportunity to educate that whole part of the food chain. She also has an opportunity to help people as to how to grow food; how do you look after bees, how do you look after yourself, how do you look after the community and I’m really excited to be an Alsahwa Farm Ambassador with Jo and the team”

charlie arnott alsahwa farm ambassador