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Gentle Habits

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Here at Alsahwa Farm, we hold a profound appreciation for brands that not only deliver outstanding products but also share our fundamental values. Gentle Habits stands out as one such brand that we enthusiastically embrace and support. Founded by Sophie, Gentle Habits embodies principles deeply rooted in mindful living and self-nurturing.

The genesis of Gentle Habits traces back to Sophie’s personal journey, a quest for tranquillity and mindfulness amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday existence. This resonates deeply with us as we, like Sophie, recognize the paramount importance of striking a harmonious balance and seeking serenity amidst life’s whirlwind. Gentle Habits impresses us with its ability to translate this journey into a brand that champions mindfulness and self-exploration.

What distinguishes Gentle Habits is its unwavering dedication to crafting products that not only cater to the body’s needs but also cater to the soul’s yearnings. From thoughtfully selected incense to sumptuous body oils, each item epitomises the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and purposefulness. We hold Gentle Habits in high regard because its offerings transcend mere commodities; they serve as instruments for fostering moments of tranquillity, delight, and self-indulgence.

Moreover, the ethos of Gentle Habits, which revolves around embracing the splendour of nature and anchoring oneself in the present moment, strikes a profound chord with us here at Alsahwa Farm. We advocate for the importance of rekindling our bond with the natural world and looking after our, MIND, BODY, and PLANET. We are proud to support Gentle Habits’, and the message to decelerate, inhale deeply, and relish life’s simple yet profound pleasures.