alsahwa farm noosa

Our Story

“Whoever you are, whatever your background, we can’t wait to welcome you to Alsahwa Farm and help you create a deep connection with the earth, your food and yourself.”

Jo Walker, Founder, Alsahwa Farm

our story alsahwa farm noosa

Our Land
Set amidst the picturesque Noosa hinterland, Alsahwa Farm is an eco-lifestyle destination and regenerative farm. Created in 2020 with a vision that started in 2018, Alsahwa Farm is sprawled across 38 acres of historic macadamia farmland. This property is a showcase and model farm for various farm practices, created to educate and demonstrate how to grow food, how to make wellness a priority, how to care for the land, and how to be steward for the landscape.

This farm creates a community where individuals can learn about restorative agriculture and get back to basics through farm experiences, education stations, and workshops. A regenerative property, al-SAH-wa – meaning ‘the awakening’ – is driven by the concept of creating healthy soil. Wellness starts with the soil and extends to the philosophy of, and the education around, un-structured wellness.

The core element of unstructured wellness is the earth. The phrase, coined by Alsahwa Farm Founder Jo Walker, is something that’s accessible to all of us, and the beauty is, you don’t need to be at a retreat or spa to experience it. You can immerse yourself in a forest, ground yourself by walking in bare feet on the grass, practise yoga by a lake, or connect with nature in another way. The foundation of health reverts back to the soil. Healthy soil leads to healthy food, a healthy gut, and a healthy brain.

In a departure from her well-established career within the entertainment industry, this self-confessed new-school farmer admits that while she doesn’t have a lifetime’s experience in farming, she has a passion for regenerative farming and with her background, is coming at it with a different approach. She also believes in the crucial aspect of collaborating with seasoned farmers to share knowledge and incorporate restorative techniques into everyday practice. A conduit between the general public and regenerative farming practices, Alsahwa Farm brings a fresh perspective to the table. 

“Rather than looking at farming through a sustainable lens – because we can’t sustain what we’re doing now – it’s about regeneration and working with nature, not against her.”

One of the many initiatives found within Alsahwa Farm are the Education Stations strategically placed throughout the farm. Beginning with the Mushroom Forest, the Permaculture Garden, the Apiary, and the Wildlife Corridor for koala’s and other wildlife to move safely and freely. These stations offer immersive, hands-on learning opportunities that promote sustainable regeneration practices.

Whether living in a city apartment or a suburban house, anyone can grow their own food. Embracing the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, Alsahwa Farm values experimentation and learning over perfection. Jo’s passion for people and the planet drives the farm’s focus on biodynamics, permaculture, and syntropic practices. Alsahwa has planted over 1000 trees, established beehives producing unique honey, created an organic kitchen veggie garden, and developed a Secret Garden and a scenic lookout.