alsahwa farm noosa

At Alsahwa Farm, we are deeply inspired by the dedication and compassion of Jane Goodall, a pioneering woman in primatology whose work has profoundly influenced our commitment to environmental stewardship. As a female-founded and led farm, we strive to honour the harmony between humans, animals, and the environment, embodying a vision that is small in scale but grand in ambition.

Our founder’s vision is driven by a profound connection with nature and a relentless dedication to sustainable practices. Just as Jane Goodall has transformed our understanding of the natural world, we aim to cultivate a deeper respect for nature through education and hands-on experiences that emphasise regenerative farming, local food production, and community involvement.

At the heart  we employ techniques that focus on restoring soil health, enhancing biodiversity, and reducing our carbon footprint. Practices like, cover cropping, and composting improve soil fertility and structure, supporting healthier plants. These practices benefit our farm and serve as a model for others, demonstrating that agriculture can be both productive and environmentally responsible.

Celebrating local food is a cornerstone of our mission at Alsahwa Farm. We host long lunches featuring produce from our farm and other local producers, inviting local chefs to curate crafted picnics and dinners. These events not only highlight the richness of our Sunshine Coast region but also foster a sense of community and shared responsibility for our environment.

Alsahwa Farm is more than just a place where food is grown; it is a living example of how agriculture can coexist harmoniously with nature. Inspired by Jane Goodall’s legacy, we strive to be stewards of the land, nurturing it with care and respect. Our efforts to promote local food, engage the community, and practise regenerative farming reflect our commitment to a sustainable future. Through our dedication and passion, we hope to inspire others to join us in the journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.